The New England Over-the-Hill Soccer League

Background and History

The New England Over-The-Hill Soccer League is the largest soccer league in New England. It has 194 teams in four age brackets with up to 7 divisions in each bracket. We play two full seasons a year (spring and fall). Each season consists of ten regular season games followed by two playoff games to determine the division champions (i.e. trophy winners). The regular season winners in each division are promoted and the losers relegated.

The league was started in 1981 with one division. It added new divisions every year through 1984. In 1988 the first two masters (over 40) divisions were formed and in 1993 the senior circuit (over 50) was created. In 2004, we added a Veterans division (over 58). Now there are six over-30 divisions, seven masters divisions three seniors divisions and a veterans division. Most divisions have 12 teams divided into North and South. Each team plays the other 5 teams in its division twice each season (spring and fall).

The regular season champions in both the north and south of each division are promoted and the last place team relegated, so the majority of the teams play 40% of their games against new opponents each season. The regular season champions from the north of each division plays the runner up in the south and vice versa and then the winners meet to decide the division champions. These finals are all played in one or two locations in a soccer festival. Trophies are awarded to the winners and runners-up at these games.

I have played now for over 10 years. The games are spirited but mostly clean.


Anyone interested in finding a team should use the "find a team" option on the Over-the-Hill web site. Games are played Sunday mornings, usually at 10. You must meet the age requirement (30,40,50,58) during the current calendar year to be eligible to play. The fall season starts just before Labor day so we can finish before the snow and the spring starts around April 1st. The regular season is 10 weeks and then there's two weeks of playoffs involving the top two teams in each division.

The top division in each age bracket is division 1. These guys can be pretty competitive, but the most common comment on the difference from players who have played both places is the stamina of the players. If you haven't played in a while, I would start out near the bottom of your age bracket. If you're in good shape but a little rusty, try the middle. The lower divisions also tend to be more recreational and fair in terms of playing time. Some of the upper division teams play the best 11 each week and the others don't get much time.

There is an online standings system that is maintained by the players, managers and directors of the league. Please click here to review or update the standings. If you are a player, manager or director of the league, drop me a note and I'll clue you in on the password needed to enter scores.

If you are interested in forming a team, see this page. The procedure is you must submit an application in the form of a non-refundable deposit of $50.

Here you will find links to some home pages dedicated to teams in the over-the-Hill league. I also have a meager collection of soccer links, but at least I have some links to some really good links but all you really need is Soccer Made in New Hampshire and  Massachusetts Soccer.

The New England Over-the-Hill Soccer League is a member of Mass Soccer.

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