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TownStatesurfaceNum FieldFieldRental per hour
AbingtonMATURF1Abington High School
AbingtonMAgrass1John B. Reilly Field
ActonMA1Acton Boxboro HS Leary Field
ActonMA1Acton Boxboro HS Lower Field
ActonMA1Acton Boxboro HS Turf field
ActonMAgrass1Concord Road Field
ActonMA1North Acton Recreation Association (NARA) Park
AllstonMAgrass1Smith Playground
AmesburyMAturf1Amesbury Sports Park999
AmesburyMA1Landry Memorial Stadium
AndoverMAturf1Greater Lawrence Technical High School
AndoverMA1High Plain Elementary School
AndoverMAgrass1Lower Shawsheen
AndoverMA2Sanborn School (upper field)
AndoverMA2South School
AndoverMAgrass1Upper Shawsheen
AndoverMA1West Middle School
AndoverMAgrass2Wood Hill Middle School
ArlingtonMAturf1Arlington Catholic Turf Field
ArlingtonMA1Arlington High School
ArlingtonMA1Spy pond
ArlingtonMA1Thorndike Field
Arlington MA1Dallin School Florence Field
AshlandMAturf1Ashland High School
AshlandMAturf1Ashland Middle School
AshlandMAgrass1Ashland Middle School Hunt Field
AshlandMA1Mindess Park
AshlandMA1Stone Park
AttleboroMA1Willet Elementary School
AuburnMAturf1Auburn Middle School
AvonMAgrass1Butler School
Babson ParkMA1Babson College
BedfordMAturf1Bedford High School
BedfordMAturf1Edge Sports Center
BedfordMA1John Glenn Middle School
BellinghamMA1Bellingham High School
BelmontMA1Belmont Hill Field House
BelmontMAgrass1Grove Street Playground
BelmontMA1Harris Field Belmont High School
BelmontMAgrass1Pequosette Field
BeverlyMAturf1Beverly High School
BeverlyMA1Endicott College Field
BeverlyMA1Gordon College
BeverlyMAgrass1Landmark School Field
BeverlyMA1Memorial Middle School
BillericaMA1Akeson Field, Pinehurst Park
BillericaMA1Dutile School
BillericaMA1Locke Middle School
BillericaMA1Marshall Middle School Field
BoltonMAgrass2Forbush Field
BoltonMA1Memorial Field
BoltonMA1Nashoba High School Turf Field
BostonMAturf1Back Bay Fens Clemente Field
BostonMA1Boston College High School
BostonMAturf1Carter Playground
BostonMAturf1Charlestown High School
BostonMA2Harambee Park Field
BostonMAturf2Madison Park High School
BostonMA2Roxbury YMCA Field
BostonMAturf1The Rotch Park
BostonMA1Wentworth Institute Turf Field
BourneMAgrass1Bourne High School
BourneMA1Upper Cape Regional Technical High School
BoxboroMAgrass1Fifer Field
BoxboroMA1Flerra Field
BoxboroMA1Liberty Field
BoxboroughMAgrass1Cisco Field
BoxfordMAturf1Boxford Common
BoxfordMA1Boy Scout Park
BoxfordMAgrass1Spofford School Field
BraintreeMAturf1Braintree High School TURF
BraintreeMAgrass1Daily Field
BraintreeMASmith Field
BridgewaterMA1Legion Field
BrightonMAturf1Daly Field
BrightonMAgrass1Murray Field (Portsmouth Street Playground)
BrocktonMA1Brockton East Junior High Field
BrocktonMA1Brockton High School
BrocktonMA1Eldon B.Kieth Memory Field / Arnone Elementary School
BrocktonMA1Hillstrom Farm
BrocktonMAgrass1John L O�Donnell playground
BrocktonMA1Massasoit Community College
BrocktonMAgrass1Parmenter Playground Field
BrooklineMA1Cypress Playground Field
BrooklineMA1Downes Field
BrooklineMAturf1Skyline Park Field
BurlingtonMAturf1Burlington High School
BurlingtonMA1Center School
BurlingtonMAturf1Marshall Simonds Middle School
BurlingtonMAgrass1Memorial School Field
BurlingtonMAgrass1Rahanis Park
BurlingtonMAgrass1Wyman Elementary School
Buzzards BayMA1Mass Maritime Academy
Byfield MAgrass2Central Street Recreation Facility
Byfield MAgrass1Governor's Academy
CambridgeMAturf1BBN Upper Field
CambridgeMA1Barry Astroturf Field
CambridgeMAturf1Danehy Field 1
CambridgeMAturf1Danehy Field 3
CambridgeMAturf1Danehy Field 4
CambridgeMA1Magazine Field
CantonMA1Canton High School
CantonMA1Devoll Soccer Field
CantonMAgrass1Galvin Middle School
CantonMA1Irish Cultural Center
CantonMA1Kennedy School
CantonMAgrass1Randolph Street Field
CantonMA1Windsor Woods Fields
CarlisleMA1Banta Field
CarlisleMA1Spalding Field
ChelmsfordMA1Chelmsford High School
ChelmsfordMA1McCarthy Middle School
ChelmsfordMA1Murpy Field
ChelmsfordMA1Roberts Field
ChelseaMAturf1Highland Park Field
Chestnut HillMA1Pine Manor College
CohassetMA1Cohasset High School Alumni Field
CohassetMA1Cohasset Sports Complex
CohassetMA1Milikan Field
ConcordMAturf2Concord Carlisle High School
ConcordMAgrass1Cushing Field
ConcordMA1Emerson Field
ConcordMA1Fenn School Turf
ConcordMAturf1Middlesex School Field
ConcordMA1Ripley Field
DanversMAgrass1Danvers High School
DanversMA1Plains Park
DanversMA1Thorpe Elementary School Field
Dartmouth MA1Dartmouth Regional Park
DedhamMAgrass1Freitas Rustcraft Field
DedhamMAgrass1Gonzales Field
DedhamMA1Memorial Field
DevensMA1Devens Soccer Complex
DevensMA1Willard Field
DorchesterMAturf1Ceylon Park Field
DorchesterMAturf1Roberts Playground - Dorchester HS
DorchesterMA1Walker Park
DoverMAgrass1Caryl Park
DoverMAgrass1Chickering Playground
DoverMA1Dover -Sherborn High School Field
DunstableMAgrass2Larter Field
DuxburyMA1Chandler Field
DuxburyMA1Coppens Field
DuxburyMAturf1Duxbury High School
DuxburyMAgrass1Lincoln Field
DuxburyMA1Onion Field
East BostonMAturf1American Legion Playground
East BostonMA1East Boston Memorial Park
East BostonMA1East Boston Stadium at Logan
East BridgewaterMA1Maple Field
East WalpoleMA1Ellis Memorial Field
EverettMA1Everett Field House
EverettMA1Glendale Park
EverettMA1Jacob Scharf Playground
EverettMA1Lynde Park
EverettMAturf1Madeline English School
EverettMA1Memorial Stadium
FairhavenMAgrass2Mariner Soccer Fields - Lifestyle Plaza
Fall RiverMAturf1Britland Park
Fall RiverMAturf1Durfee High School
FalmouthMA1Falmouth Academy
FitchburgMA1Fitchburg State Elliot Turf Field
FitchburgMA1Montachusett Regional
FitchburgMAgrass1St. Bernard Activity Center
FitchburgMAgrass1St. Bernard Elementary School
FoxboroMA1Foxboro High School ( Hersey Field)
FoxboroMA1Friends Field, Ahern Middle School
FoxboroMAgrass1Hersey Fields
FoxboroMA1Payson Road Field
FraminghamMA1Barbieri School Field
FraminghamMA1Framingham State Turf Field
FraminghamMA1Merchant Field
FraminghamMAgrass1Muster Field- Frank Galvani Complex
FraminghamMA1Potter Road Elementary
FraminghamMAgrass1Walsh Field - Framingham
FranklinMA1Carpe Diem Field
FranklinMA1Constitution Field
FranklinMAgrass1Dacey Field
FranklinMA1Dean College, Grant Longley Athletic Fields
FranklinMAgrass1Fletcher Athletic Field
FranklinMAgrass2King Street
FranklinMA1Remington-Jefferson Middle School
GardnerMA1Wilder Field
GeorgetownMAturf1Georgetown High School
GeorgetownMAgrass1West Street Field
GloucesterMA1Magnolia Woods Soccer Field
GloucesterMA1Newell Stadium
GrotonMAgrass1Cow Pond Brook Field
GrovelandMA1Shanahan Field
HanoverMA1Myrtle St Field
HarvardMA1Charlie Waite Field
HarvardMAgrass1Depot Road
HarvardMAgrass1McCurdy Track
HaverhillMA1Bradford Elementary School Field
HaverhillMA1Haverhill High School Field
HaverhillMAturf1Haverhill Stadium Field
HaverhillMA1North Essex Community College
HinghamMA1Cronin Field
HinghamMA1Hingham High school
HinghamMA1Hingham Youth Soccer Fields - Field R
HolbrookMAturf1Holbrook High School
HollistonMAgrass1HYSA Fields at Marshall Street -- Field M1
HollistonMAturf1HYSA Fields at Marshall Street -- Field M2
HollistonMAturf1HYSA Fields at Marshall Street -- Field M3
HopkintonMA2CRU Park/MetroWest Outdoor Center
HopkintonMA1Cornell's Pub Field
HopkintonMAturf1Fruit Street Athletic Complex
HopkintonMA1Hopkins Middle School
HopkintonMA1Hopkinton HS Field #4
HopkintonMA1Hopkinton HS Field #5
HudsonMA1Hudson High School
HudsonMAgrass1Hudson Portuguese Club
HudsonMAgrass1Intel Field
Hyde ParkMA1Connell Field
Hyde ParkMA1Kelley Playground Field
Hyde ParkMAturf1Reservation Road Park
IpswichMA1Bialek Park
IpswichMA1Ipswich High School
IpswichMA1Mile Lane Field
IpswichMA1New England Biolabs
IpswichMA1Paul F Doyon Memorial Elementary School
IpswichMA1Raymond Field
Jamaica PlainMAturf1Boston English High School
KingstonMA1Kingston Intermediary School
KingstonMA1Pottle Street
LakevilleMA1Ted Williams Park
Lancaster MA2MYSA fields
LawrenceMA1Sons Of Italy Field
LawrenceMA1South Lawrence East Middle School
LawrenceMAturf1Veterans Memorial Park
LeominsterMA1Doyle Field
LexingtonMA1Center Track Field
LexingtonMA1Clarke Middle School
LexingtonMA1Harrington School
LexingtonMAturf1Lincoln Park Fields #1
LexingtonMAturf1Lincoln Park Fields #2
LexingtonMAturf1Lincoln Park Fields #3
LexingtonMA3Minuteman Regional Vocational School158
LexingtonMAgrass1William Diamond Middle School
LowellMA1Cawley Stadium
LowellMA1Cushing Field, UMASS
LowellMA1Edwards Street Field
LowellMAgrass1Gage Field
LowellMA1Lucas Caravlho Field
LudlowMA1Lusitano Club
LudlowMAturf1Western Mass Pioneer Soccer
LynnMA1Frye Park
LynnfieldMA1Jordan Park
LynnfieldMAturf2Lynnfield High School
LynnfieldMA1Pioneer Park
MaldenMA1Malden Catholic High School
MaldenMA1Malden Stadium
MaldenMAturf1Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
MaldenMAgrass1Roosevelt Park
MaldenMA1South Broadway Park
ManchesterMAturf1Brook Street Fields
ManchesterMA1Hyland Field at Essex Manchester Regional
ManchesterMA1Sweeney Park
MansfieldMAgrass1East Street Field
MansfieldMA1Hope Street Field Hutchinson Field
MansfieldMAturf1Mansfield High School
MansfieldMAgrass1Plymouth St Field Grass
MansfieldMAturf1Plymouth St Field Turf
MarbleheadMAturf2Marblehead High School
MarbleheadMAgrass2Marblehead Village School
MarionMAturf1Tabor Academy
MarlboroMAturf1Assabet Vallley Technical School
MarlboroMA1Byrne Field (Carisbrooke)
MarlboroMA1Marlboro Middle School
MarlboroughMAturf1Marlboro Fore Kicks Complex
Marlborough MAgrass1Mill Street Field
MarshfieldMA1Governor Winslow Elementary School
MarshfieldMA1Grace Ryder Field
MarshfieldMA1Marshfield High School
MattapanMA1Franklin Field
MattapanMAturf1Hunts Playground
MattapoisettMA1Old Rochester Regional High School
MaynardMA1Maynard High School
MedfieldMA1Medfield High School Fields
MedfieldMAMetacomet Park
MedfieldMAgrass4Wheelock School
MedfordMAturf1Hormel Stadium
MedfordMAturf2Medford High School
MedfordMA1Morrison Park
MedfordMAgrass1Playstead Park
MedfordMA1Victory Park
MedwayMA1Burke Memorial Field
MedwayMAgrass1Idlebrook Field
MedwayMAturf1Medway High School
MedwayMA1Oakland Field
MelroseMA2Knoll Field
MelroseMAturf2Melrose High School
MelroseMAturf1Pine Banks Field
MendonMAgrass1Grover Field
MerrimacMA1Beaumont Pitch
MerrimacMAgrass1Town Forest Field
MethuenMA1Veterans Memorial Field
MiddletonMA1East Street
MilfordMA1Milford Portuguese Club Field
MillisMAgrassClyde Brown Field
MiltonMAgrass1Andrews Playground
MiltonMA1Brooks Field, Milton High School
MiltonMA1Milton Health Care
MiltonMAgrass1Milton High School Field
NatickMAturf1Cole Recreation Park
NatickMA1Kennedy Middle School
NatickMAturf1Natick High School
NeedhamMA1Cricket Field
NeedhamMAturf3DeFazio Sports Complex
NeedhamMA1High Rock
NeedhamMAturf3Memorial Park Turf Fields
NeedhamMA1Olin College
NeedhamMA1Pollard Field
New Bedford MA1Campbell Elementary School
New Bedford MAgrass1Morton Field
New Bedford MA1Riverside Park
New Bedford MAturf1Roosevelt Middle School
NewburyportMAgrass1Cherry Hill Field
NewburyportMA1Newburyport High School
NewtonMA1Cold Spring Park
NewtonMA1Mount Ida College TURF Field
NewtonMAgrass1Nahanton Park
NewtonMA1Newton North High School
NewtonMAturf2Newton South High School
NewtonMAgrass1Oak Hill Middle School
NewtonMAgrass1Pellegrini Field at Hawthorn Park
NewtonMA1Warren School
NorfolkMA1Freeman Centennial elementary
NorfolkMAgrass1Pond Street Fields
North AndoverMA1Brooks School Field
North AndoverMA1Dale Street Field
North AndoverMAgrass1Foster Field
North AndoverMA1North Andover High School
North AndoverMA1Reynolds Field
North AndoverMAgrass1Sharpners Pond
North AndoverMA1Warrior Field, Merrimack College
North ChelmsfordMA1Harrington Elementary School
North EastonMA1Easton Middle School
North EastonMAgrass1Oliver Ames High School
North EastonMAgrass1Parkview Elementary School
North EastonMA1Stonehill College
North ReadingMAgrass2Ipswich River Park
North ReadingMAgrass1Maguire Field
North ReadingMAturf1North Reading High School
NorthboroughMA1Ellsworth McAfee Park
NorthboroughMA1Melican Middle School
NortonMAgrass1Norton Middle School
NorwellMAturf1Norwell High School
NorwoodMA1Willett School
Oak Bluffs MA1Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
PeabodyMAgrass1Buckley Field
PeabodyMAgrass1Connolly Park
PembrokeMA1Hobomock Elementary School
PembrokeMA1Pembroke High School Turf
PepperellMA2Leao Field
PepperellMA1Nissitissit Middle School
PepperellMAgrass2Varnum Brook Middle School
PlymouthMAgrass1Elmer Raymond Field
PlymouthMAgrass1John "Jack" Medeiros Memorial Recreation Area (AKA West Recreation Park)
PlymouthMA1Plymouth Community Intermediate School
PlymouthMAturf1Plymouth North High School
PrincetonMAgrass1Krashes Field
QuincyMAgrass1Atlantic Middle School
QuincyMA1Creedon Field
QuincyMA1Joy Hanlon Field
QuincyMA1Quarry Hills Field
QuincyMA1Teal Field
QuincyMA1Therrien Field
QuincyMAgrass1Veterans Memorial Stadium
RandolphMAgrass1Belcher Park
RandolphMA1Divine School
RandolphMAturf1Randolph Community Middle School
RandolphMAturf1Randolph High School Field
RaynhamMAgrass1Borden Colony Complex
ReadingMA1Austin Preparatory School
ReadingMA1Parker Middle School
RevereMAturf1Harry Della Russo Stadium
RevereMA1Revere High School
RochesterMAgrass1Dexter Lane Athletic Fields
RocklandMA1Esten School Field
RocklandMA1Reed Street Field
RockportMA1Rockport High School
SalemMA1Alumni Field Okeefe Center - Salem State
SalemMAgrass1McGrath Park
SalemMAgrass1Memorial Drive
SaugusMA1Anne Parker Field
SaugusMA1Belmonte Middle School
SaugusMA1Saugus High School
Scituate MA1Scituate High School Field
SharonMA1Gavins Pond Soccer Fields
SharonMA1Sharon East Elementary School Fields
SharonMA1Sharon High School Fields
SharonMA1Sharon Middle School Fields
SharonMA1Walter Griffin Playground Fields
SherbornMAgrass1Fessenden Field
SherbornMA1Laurel Farm Field
ShrewsburyMA1Coolidge School
ShrewsburyMA1Foundation Field
ShrewsburyMAgrass1Maple Ave
SomervilleMA1Conway Field
SomervilleMA1Dilboy Stadium
South BostonMAturf1Joe Moakley Park (AKA Columbus Park)
South Hamilton MA1Donovan Field
South Hamilton MAgrass1Pingree School Field
SouthboroughMAturf19-11 Memorial Field
SouthboroughMA1Fay School Field
SouthboroughMA1Kallendar Field
SouthboroughMAgrass1Margaret Neary Elementary School
SouthboroughMAgrass1Mooney Field at Finn School
SouthboroughMAturf1St Marks School Field
StonehamMA1Broadway Fields
StonehamMA1Recreation Park
StonehamMA1Stoneham High School
StoughtonMAgrass1Gibbons Elementary School
StoughtonMA1Stoughton High School
SudburyMAgrass1Curtis Middle School
SudburyMAturf1Cutting Field
SudburyMAgrass2Haskell Field
SudburyMAturf2Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School
SwampscottMA1Phillips Park/Burke Field
SwampscottMA1Swampscott High School Jackson Field
TauntonMAturf4Fore Kicks Taunton
TauntonMAgrass1Shores St Field
TauntonMA1Taunton High School Field
TauntonMA4Taunton Sports Club
TewksburyMA1Frasca Field
TewksburyMAgrass1Livingston Street
TewksburyMA1Pleasant Street School
TewksburyMA1Tewksbury High School
TopsfieldMAgrass1Klock Park North
TopsfieldMA1Masconomet Regional High School
Townsend MAturf1North Middlesex High School Stadium
Townsend MA1Squannacook Field
Townsend MAgrass1Steralite Field
TyngsboroMAturf1Innovation Academy Charter School
TyngsboroMAgrass1Lowell Vocational High School
TyngsboroMA1Tyngsboro Elementary School
TyngsboroMA1Tyngsboro High School
UptonMA1Kiwanis Beach Field
Vineyard HavenMAgrass1Veterans Memorial Park
WakefieldMA1Nasella Field
WakefieldMA1Wakefield Jr High School
WakefieldMAturf1Wakefield Memorial High School
WalthamMAturf4Veterans Fields at Gann Academy
WatertownMA1Filippello Park
WatertownMAturf1Victory Field
WaylandMAgrass1Alpine Field
WaylandMAgrass1Wayland High School Grass Field
WaylandMAturf1Wayland High School TURF field
WaylandMA1Wayland Middle School
WaylandMAgrass1Wayland Town Hall
WaylandMAgrass1Wetlands Field
WellesleyMAgrass2Elm Bank
WellesleyMA1Sprague Complex
WellesleyMAgrass1Wellesley College
WenhamMA2Brigham Athletic Complex - Gordon College
WenhamMAgrass2Iron Rail Field
WenhamMA1Pingree Park
West ConcordMA1Rideout Field
West NewburyMA1Pipestave Hill Field
West PeabodyMA1Kennedy Field
West RoxburyMA1Catholic Memorial High School
West RoxburyMA1Hynes Field
West RoxburyMAgrass2Millenium Park
West RoxburyMAturf1West Roxbury High School
West Roxbury MA1YMCA_WestRoxbury
WestboroughMA1Sara W. Gibbons Middle School
WestfordMAgrass2Jack Walsh Field / Parker Village
WestfordMA2Westford Academy
WestfordMAturf2Westford Community Field
WestminsterMA1TRW Field
WestonMAturf1Regis College
WestonMAturfWeston Middle School and High School
WestwoodMAgrass1Sheehan School
WestwoodMAgrass1Westwood Lodge Field
WeymouthMAturf1Legion Field
WeymouthMA1Madden Field
WeymouthMAturf1Pingree Elementary School
WeymouthMA2Ralph Talbot Field
WeymouthMAturf1Weymouth High School Turf Field
WhitmanMA1Whitman Hanson Regional High School
WilmingtonMA1Shawsheen Elementary School
WilmingtonMA1Woburn Street School
WinchesterMA1Ginn Field
WinchesterMA1Leonard Field
WinchesterMA1Lynch Elementary School
WinchesterMATURF1Manchester Field, McCall Middle School
WinchesterMA1McDonald Field
WinchesterMA1Mullen Field
WinchesterMA1Skillings Field
WinchesterMAturf1Winchester Community Park
WoburnMAgrass1Altavesta School
WoburnMAgrass1Joyce Middle School
WoburnMA1Kennedy Middle School
WoburnMAgrass1Whispering Hills Park
WoburnMA1Woburn High School
WorcesterMA1Lake Ave Recreational Area
WorcesterMA1McGrath School
WorcesterMA1South High School
WorcesterMA1Worcester academy
WrenthamMA2Rice Complex at Emerald St
_nowhereMA4To Be Determined
nowhereMA1To Be Determined
plymptomMAgrass1Harry Jason Jr Park
AmherstNH1Cemetery Field
AmherstNHgrass1Souhegan HS
BedfordNHturf1GPS NH Complext (Turf Fields)
BedfordNH1Joppa Hill Field
BedfordNHgrass1Legacy Field
BedfordNH1Sportsmans Field
BrentwoodNH1Brentwood Recreation Dept
ConcordNHgrass2N H T I Fields
DerryNHgrass1Ernest Barka Elementary School
DerryNH1Hood Middle School
EppingNH1Seacoast United Soccer Complex
ExeterNH1Phillips Exeter Academy
FremontNH1Memorial Park Field
HampsteadNHgrass1Depot Road Playground Field
HamptonNH1Tuck Field
HollisNH1Hardy North Field
HollisNH1Hollis-Brookline High School
HollisNH1Nichols Field
HooksettNH1SNH University Larkin Field
HudsonNH1Alvirne High School
HudsonNHturf1Presentation of Mary Academy
LondonderryNHgrass2West Road Complex
ManchesterNHturf1Derryfield School$150
ManchesterNH2Memorial Clem Lemire Complex
ManchesterNH1Padden Field
ManchesterNH1Piscataquog River Park
ManchesterNHgrass1Rock Rimmon Park
ManchesterNH1St Anselm College
ManchesterNH2West High School
MerrimackNHgrass1Anheuser Busch Fields
MerrimackNH1Fields at Kollsman
MerrimackNHgrass1Merrimack Middle School
MerrimackNH1Reeds Ferry Middle School
MilfordNH1The Hampshire Dome9999
NashuaNH1Haines (Russell ) Field
NashuaNHgrass2Main Dunstable Field
NashuaNHgrass4Mine Falls
NashuaNH1Nashua Corporation Field
North HamptonNHgrass1Knowles Field
PelhamNH1Muldoon Field
PelhamNHgrass1Raymond Park Field
PlaistowNH1Timberlane Regional High School
PortsmouthNH1Portsmouth High School
SalemNH1Cluff Crossing Road Complex
SalemNH1Soule School Soccer Field
StrathamNHgrass1Stevens Park Field
WindhamNHgrass2Griffin Park
WindhamNHgrass2Nashua Road Field
WindhamNH1Windham High School Field
East ProvidenceRI1East Providence High School Soccer Fields