Spring Season Cancelled

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Schedules and Standings
Over 30
1n 1s
2n 2s
3n 3s
4n 4s
Over 40
1n 1s
2n 2s
3n 3s
4n 4s
5n 5s
6n 6c 6s
Over 49
1n 1s
2n 2s
3n 3s
4n 4c 4s
Over 56
1n 1s
2n 2s
Over 63
2n 2s
  • o = Over 30
  • m = Over 40
  • s = Over 49
  • v = Over 56
  • z = Over 63
  • n = north
  • c = central
  • s = south
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New Players

There are two steps to joining our league --- finding a team and registering for a player passcard. Getting a passcard is easy. Finding a team can be a challenge.

To get a pass card, go to the MASS Soccer registration site, click 'join' and follow the instructions. The system will send you a confirmation email. After you click the link in the email, you can fill out a few forms, upload a passport style picture of yourself and pay the registration fee ( for two calendar years). Then you can print a temporary passcard which is good until your real passcard arrives in the mail.

To find a team, we provide 3 resources -- First, check the ads posted by teams seeking players. Second, there is a team finder where you can select the age brackets and competitive levels and click a map and the system will show you a list of teams however their is no gurantee if any of them need more players. And finally, there is the waiting list of new teams. Some teams may have already received their invitation to join the league, so they are worth contacting.