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  • m = Over 40
  • s = Over 49
  • v = Over 56
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  • n = north
  • c = central
  • s = south
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World Maccabi Games

Maccabi USA is looking for male soccer players ages 45 - 54 to try out for the US Mens‘ Master Soccer team participating in the World Maccabi Games taking place in Israel in July 2021. The World Maccabi Games, over 80 years old, are an olympic-style event held every four years, hosting thousands of athletes from around the world in dozens of sports. The US Men‘s Master Soccer team is the 45 age division where we have historically performed well, earning multiple medals, with an extremely high competitive level. There will be player evaluations occurring in California in early May 2020 and in NY in late June 2020, with other events and player camps in the lead up to Israel 2021. If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested, please reach out to Stefan Greenberg at sgreenberg@lenoxadvisors.com, Lee Popper at lpopper@benchmarkcompany.comor Joshua Warmund at jwarmund@warmundlaw.com.

posted 03/14/2020

indoor soccer in Westford

clik here for more info

posted 12/06/2017