The New England Over-the-Hill Soccer League

Address Book downloads

From this page you can download the League's address book in two formats. LDIF (Lightweight Directory Interchange Format) files are good for email address books. CSV (Comma Separated Value) files are good for US mailing. They can be loaded into excel to do mail merges, or uploaded to web sites like e-letter to do mass mailings.

The LDIF file has all of our directors', managers' and assistant managers' email addresses. The are grouped into lists by division, plus there are lists for all board members and oen for everyone. As a matter of courtesy, if you send an email to everyone ('all'), please address the email to yourself and bcc (blind cc) all. That way everyone does not have to download the list of recipients, which can easily be longer than the message itself. Also, it keeps the list confidential.

To load the LDIF file into Netscape

The steps should be similar for any other mail tool.

The CSV file has more options. You can select to include assistant managers and you can choses whether or not you want to include those people that are both a director and a manager twice. Downloading this file should automatically launch excel, or your database program. It is also suitable for uploading to e-letter, or other internet mailing services.
Netscape can automatically launch excel, or whatever you use for spreadsheets. IE users should use "save to file" and specify a name like "othsl.csv" and then launch your spreadsheet program and load the file.

Include Directors
Include Assistant Managers
Suppress listing anyone more than once
Use tabs instead of commas
Only list teams with registration issues

Note: These features are only available to Managers and Directors

All information, including venues and times, is subject to change without notice. All data herein should be confirmed with the team manager and/or division director. Please send any corrections to the appropriate division director or the webmaster

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